Dresser Drawer Canvas

Walking through the alley on one of my walkabout breaks from work, there was an old dresser waiting to be picked up and tossed away.  Since I was on foot, I could only take a piece of it with me.  One drawer would do.  I figured I could create something out of a wood drawer for sure.  So off I went.  Drawer in hand.  It’s been sitting in my office at work for a few weeks, so last night I decided to bring it home and bring it back to life.

What was used to make this?

1.  old dresser drawer

2.  red/black paint

3.  used and cleaned Nespresso pods

4.  stencil I made of the eyes and vertical bars- made from old file folder.

Honestly I usually have no clue what I will make or how it will turn out.  I just go with the flow and stay out of the results, most of the time.  Kinda how I live my life too!


And here it is, the new artsy shelf in my office…

Till next time…..

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83 responses to “Dresser Drawer Canvas

  1. Awesome! I definitely want to try this, I love the original idea of using a drawer as a shelf! If I can JUUST find an old, unused drawer… dammit I threw one away not long ago :c

  2. Clever idea! You could also remove the front part of the drawer and hot glue it off to the side on open part of the drawer so the beauty of it could be seen.

  3. What a great idea for an office, especially if it’s one of those god awful half wall cubicles! Adds so much color and a homey feeling. Those nespresso pods are very cool!

  4. Cool! I just did a project using old drawers to make display shelves for my gallery. If you’re interested, check out Onceuponadreamgallery.wordpress.com. I have a section for repurposing/refashioning. Glad you were FP… I’m following you now.

  5. You gotta be kidding me??? A drawer?? And why not? I hang on to sooo much stuff thinking I can use it for something and then end up throwing it away. Too bad. Your Nespresso things remind me of the collection of plastic Crystal Light cups I saved never used. Darn it.

    Great ideas!

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