V is for….well a few things.

Howdy folks.  I am here with another piece of  TrashieART to share with you.  I wanted to try and use the espresso pods on a canvas.  And I wanted to use them in their original form, rather then smash them like in other pieces I have done (even though smashing pods with my hammer is so rewarding!)

Here are the materials I used for this simple project:

1.  one canvas

2.  several used and cleaned espresso pods

3.  old used file folder

4.  an Xacto

5.  strong glue

6.  blue and black spray paint

Here is the step by step process:

First find the artwork or scan the artwork you want to make a stencil out of, and print it out the size you want it. Just be sure not to use a copyrighted image that is owned by someone else.  Or, if you are good at drawing, make your own artwork for the stencil.

Next, tape your printed stencil onto your used file folder, and with an Xacto, carve out the design.  Now you have your stencil.

Then carefully position your stencil where you want it on the canvas, and secure it (i used scotch tape).  Choose your paint color, and spray a coat over your stencil.

Then, choose whatever color you want the canvas to be, and spray a light coat of paint, covering the canvas (you might want to do this step before you spray on your stencil, depending on your stencil placement.

Lastly, begin glueing your used espresso pods onto the canvas.  You can do whatever pattern you’d like.  Be creative!


And there you have it.  An UPCYCLED bit of art, made mostly from what would otherwise be trash.

So I guess the question now is….what does the V stand for?

Till next time….

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